Civil Litigation

A Team Approach To Meet Your Legal Needs.

We benefit from decades of serving clients throughout many industries, and have appeared in nearly every state and federal court throughout our states of practice. We have experience with venues, jury pools, local counsel and judges.

As a result, we can offer a solution tailored to the legal situation, the location at which it occurred, and the local players involved.

We represent clients in California and Nevada.

Our Areas of Focus

The Complex, Simplified.

Navigating our current world often requires a counselor and advocate both in the courtroom and in business.


MVPF attorneys provide consultation and litigation services, including in arbitrations, mediations, administrative hearings, and at trial.  We leverage our abilities and reputation as effective trial lawyers to help our clients achieve superior results. We also forge strong working relationships that serve our client’s desires for effective and efficient resolutions.


Whether a matter requires consultation or demands litigation, MVPF attorneys will act immediately and with a clarity of purpose to achieve your desired result.


At McLean | Vasquez |Place | Fabrega, APC, we are a group of dedicated practitioners who like each other, collaborate effectively, and put our clients’ interests first; not our egos. We seek one another’s opinions and expertise, and leverage our collective experience to reach excellent results.

No one likes litigation, especially the litigants, so we look for solutions, early on, and throughout any litigated matter, to achieve cost effective, efficient conclusions to litigation for our clients.

This allows our clients to move on with their businesses and lives, and to minimize the financial and emotional toll of litigation. Nonetheless, when a case needs to be tried, we bring to bear years of trial experience to take our clients’ opponents to task in the courtroom.